picture of 2019 UCWDC World Championships

Completed, Jan 1-6, 2019

Follow our live coverage of the 2019 UCWDC Country Dance World Championships in Nashville, Tennessee.

Sunday, Dec. 30th 

Mid-Day, Afternoon, and Evening 

UCWDC® FUNdamentals “A”; & “B”

UCWDC® FUNdamentals “the Dances”.

Monday, Dec. 31st 

Early Morning 

ProAm Male New.; Syllabus D (no Jrs.). 

Mid-Day Afternoon 

ProAm Female New.; Syllabus D (no Jrs.). 

Evening’s Premier “Highlight” 

New Year’s Eve “Special” Dinner; 

New Year’s Eve “Spectacular” Gala & Party.

Tuesday, Jan. 1st 

Early Morning 

ProAm Male Novice (no Jrs.). 

Mid-Day Afternoon 

ProAm Female Novice (no Jrs.). 

Evening’s Premier “Highlight” 

ProAm, Syllabus D Juniors; ProPro Juniors; Spotlight Juniors. 

Wednesday, Jan. 2nd 

Early Morning 

ProAm Male Intermediate (no Jrs.); ProAm Male Advanced (no Jrs.). 

Mid-Day Afternoon 

ProAm Female Intermediate (no Jrs.); 

ProAm Female Advanced (no Jrs.). 

Evening’s Premier “Highlight” 

ProAm & ProPro Showcase (no Jrs.); 

ProPro Classic (no Jrs.); 

Spotlight (no Jrs.).

Thursday, Jan. 3rd 

Early Morning 

Line Dance Newcomer; Line Dance Novice. 

Mid-Day Afternoon 

Line Dance Intermediate; Line Dance Advanced. 

Later Afternoon UCWDC® Teams. 

Evening’s Premier “Highlight” 

Line Dance Crown; Couples Crown. 

UCWDC® “Points Champion” Awards

Friday, Jan. 4th 

Early Morning 

Couples Silver; Couples Crystal. 

Mid-Day Afternoon 

Line Dance Showcase. 

Later Afternoon 

CTST® Two Step Jack & Jill; WSDC® Swing Jack & Jill. 

Evening’s Premier “Extravaganza” 

Couples Showcase Open; 

Couples Showcase Masters; 

Line Dance RisingStars©; 

Line Dance SuperStars©; 

2019 Worlds “Top Teacher” Awards; 

Charles Bryant “Top Student” Awards; 

Worlds ShowTime “Open” Championships.

Saturday, Jan. 5th 

Early Morning 

Couples Gold; Couples Diamond; Couples Crown Plus. 

Later Morning 

Line Dance Choreography. 

Mid-Day Afternoon 

Just Dance Two Step; Strictly Swing. 

Later Afternoon 

Couples Juniors; Couples Open IV, III, II, & I. 

Evening’s Premier “Extravaganza” 

Couples Classic Masters ShowDances UCWDC® “Directors’ Choice” Award “Champions” Showcase Review Couples Classic Masters Prelims Flights Worlds “27” Variety Show “Country Dance Hall of Fame” Awards Couples Classic Masters Finals Flights 

Sunday, Jan. 6th 

Mid-Morning and Afternoon 

“Special” Sunday Workshops, featuring Line Dance, Swing Dance, Country Dance, Technique, Style, & much, much more… 

We bid you fond farewell and safe journey home! See you at Worlds “28” Opryland Hotel, Nashville TN Dec 29th, 2019 to Jan 5 th, 2020