Recap | 2018 WDSF World Open Standard Riga

Last but not least, we conclude the final WDSF World Open of the year. This weekend was full of excitement not only due to the Youth Latin World Championship but also with the inclusion of the Standard World Open and the World Championship of the Professional Standard Show Dance division. 

Seeing some of the top couples of the WDSF Standard division gave the opportunity of competitors of the younger age categories to witness the best of the best right before their eyes. Some competitors of the Youth Latin World Championship also compete in Standard as Ten Dance competitors. For this reason, it was truly the best of both worlds here at the Baltic Grand Prix in an extremely well organized and productive end-of-the-year event. 

The Best of the Standard World Open

From a total of 67 couples in attendance, let us take a look at those who made the top 6 final:


Evgeny Nikitin - Anastasia Miliutina



Edgars Linis - Eliza Ancane



Dariusz Mycka - Madara Freiberga



Anton Besedin - Ekaterina Strelkova



Alessandro Bosco - Laura Nolan



Matteo Del Gaone - Ekaterina Utkina


As expected, the champions of the World Open were Evgeny Nikitin and Anastasia Miliutina, securing another victory of the night for the Russian Federation. Just last year, this couple came in third at this same World Open in Riga and now came out on top securing the highest placement of the event. As the highest ranking couple in attendance of this World Open, Evgeny and Anastasia were 3.33 points above our Silver Medalists. Edgars Linis and Eliza Ancane of Latvia, our runners-up, were well-loved by the comfort of competing on home ground. When such support arises for a particular couple, the stress intensifies for all other competitors. This is exactly where some make it or break it. 

All couples who placed in the above top 6 placed based on their ranking in the WDSF World Ranking List, from highest to lowest. This means that the judgment of the adjudicators was quite clear in terms of determining and differentiating the elements of Technical Quality, Movement to Music, Partnering Skills, and Choreography and Performance of the six couples. 

By the points secured in the World Ranking List, Kirill Pavlov and Kristina Shinkariuk of Slovakia should have placed in the final as they are ranked higher than 6th place competitors Matteo Del Gaone and Ekaterina Utkina. Nonetheless, Kirill and Kristina finished in 8th, with Marco Bodini and Kristina Charitonovaite of Italy also surpassing them in 7th place (also ranked lower than Kirill and Kristina in the World Ranking List). However, placement in the WDSF World Ranking List does not always best determine actual strength of one couple versus another – the time of competition does.

A Truly Magical Competition

The night was truly magical, from the decorations to the lighting, to the orchestra that played in the evening sessions. The Baltic Grand Prix is loved by many competitors for exactly the way it makes them feel when in attendance. With three halls of competition going on simultaneously, numerous vendors for hair, makeup, shopping, and dining available, dancers and spectators alike feel quite cozy. As a result, time truly flies! 

We wish you all the happiest of holidays and will see you in the New Year! 

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Bouncing Back After A Big Loss

Let me know if this sounds familiar. You’re a passionate dancer. You work hard in your private lessons and your solo practice. You’ve competed in a few small or local competitions and placed well. Your teacher thinks you’re ready for the big one! You do everything you can to prepare yourself to dominate that dance floor. Then you go and compete, and you lose big time. You may have even danced your best, but the results say the opposite. You return home devastated.

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