2018 American DanceSport Festival

Recap | American DanceSport Festival

Recap | American DanceSport Festival

Recap of the 2018 Recap American DanceSport Festival

Oct 16, 2018 by Michelle Blank
Recap | American DanceSport Festival

The 3rd annual American DanceSport Festival has now officially come to a close! From the evening of Friday the 12th to this day of Monday the 15th of October, the 2018 ADSF arranged quite the spectacular for all attendees and viewers. Friday showcased the annual White Celebration Dinner Party hosted at the InterContinental Miami, the main venue of the competition. Competitors, officials, and various attendee viewers came out to enjoy the dinner, music, company, and – a surprise showcase of fireworks right outside! Definitely a memorable night for all those who came. 

Off to bed everyone went as the competition began the very next morning. All glammed up and ready to go, Saturday hosted various major events of the World DanceSport Federation, including the Latin World Open Championship and the Senior I World Championship. Timur Imametdinov and Nina Bezzubova, representing the country of Germany, became the 2-time undefeated Champions of the ADSF, taking home the Gold in the World Open event. American couples did quite well in this event as well, making all the way into the semi-final! A job well done. The Senior I World Championship also concluded Saturday evening with Russia taking home the title. Georgy Osadchy and Tatiana Nikolaeva did their country proud.

Sunday evening rolled in with the Standard World Open Championship, an event that has been hosted each year since ADSF initially began operations in 2016. This World Open was very successful, especially because 9 WDSF star couples made their appearance! Evgeny Moshenin and Dana Spitsyna, the 5th ranked couple in the WDSF World Ranking List, took another Gold Medal for Russia. This Standard World Open was larger than its Latin counterpart of the previous evening – 67 couples made their appearance. Alexander Munteanu and Anna Sheedy were the highest ranking U.S. couple of this event, placing 12th in the semi-final. 

Another World Championship completed Sunday, October the 14th at the 2018 American DanceSport Festival. Fabian Wendt and Anne Steinmann of Germany won the Gold out of the 53 couples competing in the Senior I World Standard Championship.

Quite the Event for America

America is truly lucky to have such a competition as the American DanceSport Festival. It marks a big milestone in growing this sport and art in the country of the United States, especially in hosting multiple WDSF World Championships each year. When the ADSF was first hosted in Boston, Massachusetts in 2016, the event also hosted a WDSF Latin World Open, to which 21 couples from 12 countries had arrived. This year, the Latin World Open was brought back, and a total of 53 couples from 21 countries battled for the title. That is more than a double increase in the number of participants! 

Many top couples of the United States did quite well here at the American DanceSport Festival. Ranging from youth to senior competitors, this event was the perfect chance for American dancers to experience the thrill and adrenaline of true international competition. To be able to compete in your home country is a huge responsibility and Team USA did itself some justice.

We will be looking forward to the 2019 American DanceSport Festival and anticipating who may make an appearance next time! Will America take home the Gold? Until next time Miami!