Preview | American DanceSport Festival

The third annual American DanceSport Festival is about to kick off this Saturday, October 13th, in the tropical city of Miami, Florida. This year, the ADSF has brought various events to the table which has gathered the interest of dancers from all across the world. First of all, two World Championships of the World DanceSport Federation are sanctioned to take place here in the United States. Dancers of the Senior I Standard and Latin categories will have the chance to fight for the title that names them the best of the best. Actually, the American DanceSport Festival has sanctioned various World Championships each year since its first year of operations in 2016.

This is the second year that the ADSF will be hosting on the grounds of Miami. In 2016, the first ADSF was actually hosted in Boston, Massachusetts where dancers gathered for the Senior I Standard World Championship as well as for the Senior I 10 Dance World Championship. The following year, in 2017, dancers worldwide came to Miami to compete at the Senior III Standard WDSF World Championship and Senior I Latin WDSF World Championship. This year, the World Championship tradition continues.

A Major Event for the United States

The American DanceSport Festival is the largest event sanctioned by USA Dance, the WDSF member body of the United States of America. What is fantastic about this year is the fact that the ADSF is sanctioning a WDSF World Open Latin Championship, just as in 2016 when the ADSF was hosted in Boston. After the great success from a WDSF International Open Latin Championship of last year, the status increased once again to a World Open event. There will also be a WDSF World Open Standard Championship, an event that has been sanctioned each year at the ADSF since 2016.

In addition, WDSF Showdance Events in both the Latin and Standard divisions are set to commence throughout the weekend. Maybe we will have the chance to see some of the couples who took part in the Showdance World Championship only three weeks ago in Bratislava, Slovakia! Additional performances at the ADSF will include the Latin and Standard events of the WDSF Professional Division, and World Cups for both the Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll Main Class Free Style and Boogie Woogie Main Class divisions of the WRRC, the World Rock'n'Roll Confederation.

Worldwide Acclaim

The American DanceSport Festival has drawn some of the top dancers of the World DanceSport Federation to compete on its grounds. Such dancers include Timur Imametdinov and Nina Bezzubova who have just taken the bronze medal at the WDSF Latin World Championship last weekend! They have been attending the ADSF since 2016 and we hope to see them on the floor this upcoming Saturday. In 2016, Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus, 4-time World Champions, also made their attendance claiming the title of Champions of the very first World Open Latin held at the ADSF.

An Opportunity for American Dancers

The American DanceSport Festival is “THE” competition for which American athletes look forward to each year and anticipate for the following year as soon as the event concludes. This event gives them the opportunity to feel the thrill of international competition right in their backyard. It is exceptionally difficult to have the chance to travel each month, never-mind each weekend, overseas to have the same competitive opportunity as dancers in Europe or Asia. Such an event gives these USA dancers the chance to feel their strength in their home country, doing the thing that they love to do the most – dance.

FloDance will be streaming live the 2018 American DanceSport Festival taking place this weekend, October 13-14 at the InterContinental Miami in Miami, Florida. Make sure you catch all of the excitement with the array of various events you will be able to watch right from home! Stay tuned!

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