Preview | WDSF Chengdu World Cup Latin

The 2018 WDSF Latin World Cup comes our way September 9th, streaming live on FloDance. 26 couples have currently registered for the event taking place in the city of Chengdu of the People's Republic of China. 

As we may already know, couples participating in the World Cup must be selected by their country’s official WDSF Member Body depending on the results of each country’s National Championship. One couple represents from each country participating in this event. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these couples. 

Umberto Gaudino and Louise Heise (DEN) 

It will be the first time that Umberto Gaudino and Louise Heise of Denmark will be representing their country at the WDSF Latin World Cup. Currently ranked 7th in the world, they are the highest ranked couple registered for this event thus far. From the year 2013, they have reigned as the National Danish Amateur Latin Champions - 6 times undefeated. Their first World Cup may very well end on a very uplifting note. We shall have to stay tuned!

Konstantin Gorodilov and Dominika Bergmannova (EST) 

We will also be catching Konstantin Gorodilov and Dominika Bergmannova of Estonia, ranked 10th in the WDSF World Ranking Leaderboard. They are the second highest WDSF World Latin Ranked couple competing at this event. This couple has danced in the WDSF Latin World Cup back in 2011, and has also represented at the 10 Dance World Cup in 2011 and in 2014, the year in which they won the title. They are back at this event seven years later and have a very strong chance to battle it out on the floor this coming performance. 

2013 was the last year since a couple from the United States has come to represent the country at the WDSF Latin World Cup. In February of this year, Erroll and Amy Williamson have come under the U.S. flag, previously representing the country of Denmark. Their performance this coming World Cup puts much responsibility on their shoulders as it marks the comeback for the United States into the World Cup rankings.

A Chance to Make Your Mark

What is so interesting about this World Cup is that it differs from such events such as the WDSF Grand Slams and World Championships in the fact that the results and placements can be unpredictable. Unlike the usual leaders that take the pedestal each and every event, competitions such as the World Cup allow for other couples to truly shine and make their mark. 

This year, two Amateur WDSF World Cups are being held back to back. Unlike last year, for example, the Latin World Cup was held in June and the Standard World Cup in August. Now we get the chance to catch all of the action two days in a row! Being held in China, the competitors get an extra boost of motivation, confidence, and love that is exuded by the audience. In this country, DanceSport is a beloved art and sport, supported in many areas by the government itself to grow its athletes. Hosting such an event in such a locale truly makes the dancers feel like stars. 

FloDance will be on call to capture the amazing atmosphere and competition soon to take place. It will surely be a show you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned!

Recap | American DanceSport Festival

The 3rd annual American DanceSport Festival has now officially come to a close! From the evening of Friday the 12th to this day of Monday the 15th of October, the 2018 ADSF arranged quite the spectacular for all attendees and viewers. Friday showcased the annual White Celebration Dinner Party hosted at the InterContinental Miami, the main venue of the competition. Competitors, officials, and various attendee viewers came out to enjoy the dinner, music, company, and – a surprise showcase of fireworks right outside! Definitely a memorable night for all those who came. 

Preview | American DanceSport Festival

The third annual American DanceSport Festival is about to kick off this Saturday, October 13th, in the tropical city of Miami, Florida. This year, the ADSF has brought various events to the table which has gathered the interest of dancers from all across the world. First of all, two World Championships of the World DanceSport Federation are sanctioned to take place here in the United States. Dancers of the Senior I Standard and Latin categories will have the chance to fight for the title that names them the best of the best. Actually, the American DanceSport Festival has sanctioned various World Championships each year since its first year of operations in 2016.

Recap | World Latin Championship

And the new Latin champions of the World DanceSport Federation are crowned! Armen Tsaturyan and Svetlana Gudyno have taken their well-deserved placement as the World Latin Champions of 2018! The last time that Russia took this World title was in 2010, when Alexey Silde and partner Anna Firstova won their second Latin title in a row. Then, Croatia won in 2011 (Zoran Plohl and Tatsiana Lahvinovich Galchun), Italy for three years in a row from 2012 to 2014 (Aniello Langella and Khrystyna Moshenska) and then Moldova for three years from 2015 to 2017 (Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus). Now Russia has come back to take the world-lead once again.

Relive the 2014 World Latin Championship

Relive the 2014 World Latin Championship in Ostrava where Nino Langella & Khrystyna Moshenska were crowned the Champions for the third year in a row. 

Preview | World Championship Latin

2018 WDSF World Latin Ostrava Promo

One of the most anticipated events of the year is approaching, not only for the attending athletes of the 2018 WDSF World Latin Championship, but also for their families, dance clubs, and trainers especially. October 6th is the day to await as FloDance dives into the historical city of Ostrava, Czech Republic. Ostrava has hosted the WDSF Latin World Championship previously in the year of 2014, where Aniello Langella and Khrystyna Moshenska of Italy claimed their third and final title as World Champions. If we jump back further in time to 2005, Ostrava also hosted the same World Championship.

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Recap | Latin World Cup

And the results are in! Denmark took home the 2018 WDSF Latin World Cup title! Umberto Gaudino and Louise Heise, 6-time National Danish Amateur Latin Champions, competed in their first World Cup here in Chengdu of the People's Republic of China and heard their national anthem played as they stayed upon the highest step of the pedestal. A big congratulations to them!

Recap | Standard World Cup

And the results are finally in! Just as predicted, Madis Abel and Aleksandra Galkina of Estonia have taken the glory of the 2018 WDSF Standard World Cup. This is their first year attaining such a title, for which their future holds no barriers. In their early twenties, this couple is the youngest to be at the top of the WDSF World Ranking Leaderboard, holding 6th place at 4,919 points. 

World Cup | Where Stars Are Born

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2014 World Cup Chengdu LTU

If one takes the last editions of the World Cup Standard as the reference, a clear pattern emerges. The dancers who are victorious in one of them launch their careers to new heights and tend to remain on an ascending trajectory for quite some time.