2018 WDSF Chengdu World Cup - Standard and Latin

Preview | WDSF Chengdu World Cup Standard

Preview | WDSF Chengdu World Cup Standard

The 2018 WDSF Chengdu World Cup Standard Preview.

Aug 31, 2018 by Michelle Blank
2018 WDSF World Cup Chengdu Hype

This year, the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) hosts both of its Amateur Standard and Latin World Cups back to back in the city of Chengdu of the People's Republic of China. September 8th rolls in the Standard event, while the following day, September 9th, hosts the Latin division. Luckily for those of us not attending the competition in person, FloDance will be capturing live all of the excitement for us!

Currently, 26 couples are on the list to compete for the WDSF Standard World Cup title. Each country in for the title has selected one couple to represent its flag. Unlike the World Championship, for which the first and second nationally ranked couples of a country get to compete, the World Cup works a bit differently. Each WDSF Member Body gets to select the position of the nationally ranked couple that will represent at the World Cup. For example, in the country of Russia, the couple that places fourth in the Russian National Championship will be selected to represent at the World Cup. For the United States, the national federation has decided that the first couple ranked nationally will represent. This is a great chance and responsibility for American duo Alexandru Munteanu and Anna Sheedy, especially since last year, no U.S. couple represented in the WDSF Standard World Cup. United States National Champions in the Amateur Standard and Amateur Standard Show Dance divisions, Alexandru and Anna have also recently placed in the final of the Standard Rising Star at the German Open Championship of Stuttgart, Germany, taking 5th place. They will certainly be a hot couple to watch this coming event.

A Secret Look Upon the Competitors - Who Will Take Over the Pedestal?

Francesco Galuppo and Debora Pacini of Italy have been reigning the World Cup for two years running. This year, the slot is open. Currently, looking at the starting list, Madis Abel and Aleksandra Galkina of Estonia are the highest ranked couple in the WDSF World Ranking leaderboard of the 26 registered couples for this upcoming event. They are 6th in the World. The next highest ranking couple of this leaderboard comes in 8th position - from Russia we have Evgeny Nikitin and Anastasia Miliutina. In the previous two WDSF Standard Grand Slams held in Rimini, Italy and Stuttgart, Germany, Madis and Aleksandra have always been one step ahead of Evgeny and Anastasia. Maybe the World Cup will soon don some unexpected results. 

We may also keep an eye on Latvian couple Edgars Linis and Eliza Ancane who came in fourth place last year when the World Cup was held in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. This year, they have a strong chance to make that pedestal placing. 

A Must-Watch

What has made WDSF events so intriguing to watch has a lot to do with the implemented judging systems of the various events. For example, just as with the final of the World Championship, the final of the World Cup does not just consist of all of the couples dancing as a group together on the floor. The final begins with each of the top couples dancing a particular dance solo. Afterward, we have what is called the “Kiss & Cry” where the couples stand on the sidelines and watch slow replays of their performance while awaiting results. Next, three dances are performed with all six couples on the floor at the same time. These are called group performances. The last dance is performed solo as well, just as the first dance was, with a “Kiss & Cry”afterward.

We will be awaiting the upcoming WDSF Standard World Cup this upcoming September 8th, 2018. Stay tuned here on FloDance to catch all the excitement! Who will take the crowning glory?