7 Health Benefits of Dance

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Working out consistently can provide us with numerous of benefits, including endurance, strength, aesthetic appearance, positive attitude, and a long, healthy life. So then why is it that so many of us find it hard to do something that is so clearly good for us? Well the simple answer is, if we're not getting paid to do it and it's not fun, we're simply not motivated.

If we want healthy, happy lives, we have to find a way around these obstacles and to start getting after it. That's why were here to propose dance as a solution to your workout woes.

Think about it: Dance is a group activity, and as humans beings we thrive off of group interaction and community. Some of you may be saying, "But I have two left feet; I can't dance to save my life." Well, the reason you can't dance is because you believe you can't. The only thing required to make you a dancer is a willingness to try and the ability to let go of your own self-judgment. Imagine this, you on the dance floor, grooving to the music and moving your body with no cares in the world and no self-deprecating thoughts to hold you back. That, my friend, is joy, and you deserve to experience it. Which brings us to the first on our list of...

The Top 7 Reasons To Start Dancing

1) It does wonders for your self-esteem. 

When you do something that you are afraid of, you instantly become stronger and more secure in who you are and what you want out of life. Getting over your fear of dancing in front of others is the perfect way to elevate your self-esteem as well as your heart rate. 

2) Maintain healthy cognitive abilities 

Learning and repeating choreography requires us to use our cognitive capability and increase our memory. Regularly using the brain in this manner has been proven time and time again to combat the disease such as Alzheimer's and the general effects of old age. 

3) Get in shape with out getting bored

The best workout is the kind that doesn't feel like you're working out. Dance is exactly that. Learn creative moves to music that you love, and find hidden creativity and new ways of self-expression. 

4) You can do it for life

Dance isn't something that you get "too old" to enjoy. You may have to make some adjustments, of course. But the love of moving your hips, clapping your hands, and swaying side to side is something that you'll be able to savor for a lifetime. The key is to never stop; if you keep consistent, you'll never lose it. 

5) Flexibility

It's no secret that dancers are capable of insane feats of flexibility. And although most of us won't ever look like the picture below, it is true that dance, when done consistently, will increase the elasticity of your muscles -- keeping them agile and resilient well into old age. 


6) Community 

More than the dancing, it's the people you dance with who really make you fall in love with the whole experience. Dancers love to dance, and they naturally form supportive communities in which you can let yourself be yourself. 

7) Use it to get discounts

One of my favorite benefits of dance is using my sweet moves at the grocery store when negotiating prices at the checkout line… "But can I get a discount???"

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