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2018 WDSF European Latin I The Quarterfinal

Sep 17, 2018

This European Latin is the third competition after the dominators over the past three years, Moldovans Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus, decided to move on to the Professional Division, leaving their likely successors to slug it out between them. Going on ranks accrued over time and an ability to occasionally, very occasionally, defeat the Moldovans at their own game, one would have had to consider the Russian couple Armen Tsaturyan - Svertlana Gudyno as their heir apparent. The 2017 GrandSlam Final was the first head-to-head for first between the Russians and the second couple staking out a claim to be legitimate successors too: Marius-Andrei Balan and Khrystyna Moshenska, GER. Indeed, the Germans defeated the Russians narrowly in Shanghai, CHN, last December. But in March of this year, the fortunes turned at the GrandSlam in Helsinki, FIN. There, the margin separating the Russian winners from the German runners-up was less than one point. Let's see what will happen in Debrecen, HUN, in this third encounter since the 2017 World Latin in Vienna, AUT, where yet another couple was the public's favourite. Timur Imametdinov - Nina Bezzubova, GER, were certainly the most applauded of all, but this distinction should go to Andrea Silvestri - Martina Varadi, HUN. The 6-camera production in High Definition covers the decisive stages of the 2018 European Latin, with full graphics but without commentary. The programme is made up of four parts: the full-length semi-final, interviews with the semi-finalists, the full-length final and interviews with the medallists. The quarterfinal and an in-depth interview with Andrea Silvestri - Martina Varadi, HUN, are the bonus features. Produced by the WDSF Communications team in collaboration with the host broadcaster FS Media and the organisers. All rights reserved © 2018 Music by Casa musica:
Here is the music cue sheet with the tracks from the round of 48 through the final, with links to each track.